The law is important in different ways depending on your relationship with FinTech. Whether you are starting or running a FinTech business, or you are a user of FinTech services, you need to be aware of the regulatory and legal landscape surrounding the area as it is constantly changing as the technology changes.

As a law firm catering to the FinTech industry, we have the right mix of industry and legal knowledge which means we are not only able to represent you in whichever FinTech product, service, or solution but that we take the time to understand your business to maximize growth and minimize risk.

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Financial Regulation

We have deep networks with the financial services regulators in Kenya which means we are on top of legislative changes and can provide quick and reliable advice as technology evolves.

Further, the team at Clay & Associates has been at the forefront in the development of financial regulation and in particular the Capital Markets Authority‘s Regulatory Sandbox Policy Guidance Note.

We help clients structure and document their financial services products, advise on perimeter issues, digital identity and associated AML/KYC policies, and help clients keep abreast of regulatory developments in this evolving space.

Compliance & Consumer Protection

Regulators in Kenya and across East Africa are concerned that FinTech businesses – based online – shift risk from themselves to the consumer, and that consumers may not be aware of the risks they undertake when dealing with FinTech services. Simultaneously, the FinTech space is one filled with start-ups and young enterprises; it is incumbent upon these businesses to be immediately aware of the regulations with which they have to comply and the law relating to FinTech.

We are uniquely equipped to ensure that you receive advice especially tailored to your business whether locally in Kenya, East Africa and in the COMESA region.

Trading Markets

Where innovation and technology enhances or replaces existing market activities or is supplied to enable existing financial services players, including banks, hedge funds, brokers and insurers to operate more efficiently both from an operational or regulatory perspective.

We work with start-ups as well as with  established market players and incumbents to ensure that whatever size or type of business, our clients are able to get first rate legal services.


A trusted FinTech law firm where our lawyers have worked at the cutting edge for technology companies, carriers and regulated intermediaries in the insurance space, combining both regulatory expertise, particularly in the field of perimeter advice, with a deep understanding of new technologies to embrace digitisation and the power of AI in product innovation, distribution and pricing in mature as well as emerging markets.

Commercial IT Contracts

Our law firm aims to deliver effective commercial IT contracts. We identify legal and business risks to enable our clients to develop and support appropriate legal and operational arrangements to effectively minimise business risks and promote and sell their commercial solution.

Our expert IT lawyers have a rich heritage supporting new and emerging technologies including IT security, big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous vehicles; we have worked with companies from start-up through growth and acquisition to listing on AIM.

We have the expertise and scale to provide informed, proactive advice to help businesses to thrive in this dynamic sector.

Count On Us

We all share the same common goals – to deliver legal advice of the highest quality that is clear and easy-to-understand for our clients and meets their specific needs at competitive rates (including fixed fees wherever possible to deliver value for money and budget certainty).

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Our FinTech Services

App Development & Exploitation

Our Commercial IT Contracts team works with developers to ensure that their app is structured in the right way to manage risks within the service that they are offering, and advise on compliance risks including user term, privacy notices and cookie information.

Buying Hardware and Software Solutions including Licensing

Our expert legal advisors act for both customers and suppliers procuring a range of IT hardware, software and services, advising on the legal risks, negotiating to ensure that those risks are effectively managed between supplier and customer, whether a complex IT outsourcing or simple hardware or software purchase, and associated licensing terms including SAAS models of service provision.

Data Licensing

Our IT legal experts are experienced in data licensing whether for internal use or onward incorporation as part of a client’s business offering to its customers.

We advise on the structure, legal frameworks and risks of establishing an IT platform to underpin a commercial opportunity. We draft and negotiate commercial IT contract terms for the supply, hosting and maintenance and support of platforms.


We provide advice on e-commerce arrangements, including online terms and advertising compliance, and consumer rights, as well as explaining issues relating to data collection, use and sharing when handling personal data via e-commerce platforms to ensure compliance with GDPR requirements and its impact in shaping the new Kenya Data Protection Bill.

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