Litigation & Dispute Counselling

Litigation & Dispute Counselling

We are a litigation & dispute counselling law firm comprised of skilled litigators focusing on strategy over tactics, developing plans that are mindful of each client’s business and legal goals. We are a business-focused firm, an approach that we bring to today’s litigation climate. Our team required level of expertise and experience to handle all aspects of disputes with the goal of achieving successful results whether in the boardroom or a courtroom.

We collaborate with clients to develop strategies that are comprehensive in scope and aligned with their needs. Our firm’s representation does not exist in a vacuum, and we approach each matter within the larger context of client businesses or individual needs.

We are engaged by individuals and companies across a broad range of matters—from providing advice and counsel about business disputes and torts to civil litigation, trial and appeal, when necessary. We are often engaged in complex commercial disputes, nationwide litigation and various tribunal proceedings.

Our lawyers have the experience to handle cases that involve multiple adversaries in Kenyan courts across the nation, East African Courts of Justice and the COMESA competition tribunal.

If you would like to find out more about what Litigation & Dispute Counselling legal services can be offered by our law firm to you or your business, please contact us on +254 20 2100 999 or email us at for a free initial chat about any Litigation & Dispute Counselling legal issue.

Litigation & Dispute Counselling

Appellate Litigation

Appellate work requires precise knowledge and a new, fresh perspective about the issues involved in a particular case. We employ a detailed, comprehensive approach to produce meticulously researched appellate briefs of the highest quality, whether we are new to the case or are handling a familiar matter.

We also provide strategic counseling and advice on preservation of error and other trial-level issues that can affect subsequent appeals.

Commercial Litigation

Our experience litigating in a wide variety of venues includes the various levels of Courts in Kenya, a broad spectrum of administrative tribunals and arbitral forums and as well as East African Courts of Law.

Clay & Associates Advocate’s lawyers have considerable experience as counsel in complex commercial litigation and are also experienced in a variety of alternative dispute resolution forums, including mediation and settlement conferences.

Our litigators also serve as court-appointed or privately selected mediators and arbitrators. Our litigation team can provide advice on the full range of commercial disputes and are experts in all forms of dispute resolution including high value and complex commercial disputes, cross-border litigation, commercial mediation and other forms of ADR, and international arbitration.

Securities Litigation

We are a Litigation & Dispute Counselling law firm that is capable of handling securities cases and derivative actions, regulatory proceedings and internal investigations.

As a result of our broad regulatory experience, our securities litigators are particularly attuned to both the market and our clients’ business interests. We emphasize a team approach, utilizing resources across offices and practice groups. Our goal is to provide the most cost-effective, high-quality representation possible.

We are therefore able to bring securities litigation matters to an early conclusion, whether through negotiation or by court order.

Dispute Counselling

While our team is comprised of skilled litigators who repeatedly win at trial in favor of our clients, we appreciate that litigation, and ultimately trial, is not always the best answer. To this end, we offer a broad range of pre-litigation counseling, so that our clients can avoid litigation when possible.

We work with each of our clients to achieve the best outcome under the circumstances, in the most prompt and cost-efficient manner.

Employment & Labour

We have are able to handle cases involving claims alleging breach of contract, discrimination of all types, sexual and other harassment, whistleblowing, retaliation, wage/hour violations, trade secret theft, noncompetition agreements, employee raiding, share/securities and employee share ownership plans disputes, and officer fiduciary duties.

While our lawyers devise highly effective and efficient techniques for defending such claims, we do not litigate with a “knee jerk” or formulaic approach.  Rather, we start with the client’s desired outcomes and develop and execute strategies for reaching those objectives, often in the pre-litigation phase.

Government Contracts

We offer clients a broad range of counseling and litigation services provided by knowledgeable and experienced lawyers in the field.

We assist long-standing, sophisticated government contractors with legal and business matters unique and important to the government space, while also helping small and large companies enter and successfully navigate the government marketplace for the first time.

Count On Us

We all share the same common goals – to deliver legal advice of the highest quality that is clear and easy-to-understand for our clients and meets their specific needs at competitive rates (including fixed fees wherever possible to deliver value for money and budget certainty).

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Our Litigation & Dispute Counselling Services

Securities Litigation

An investigation by the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) can have severe repercussions for you and your business. Restraint of assets and confiscation proceedings can be devastating, not to mention the long-term damage that can be done to your commercial reputation.

Our Litigation & Dispute Counselling law firm, is able to represent and support you as a client through the complex process of a CMA investigation. We are able to represent and defending any prosecutions that arise from an investigation. Our specialist Regulatory Lawyers deliver high-quality legal advice throughout, taking a strategic and solutions-driven approach to achieve the best outcome for you.

We appreciate that finding yourself the subject of an investigation by the CMA can be extremely stressful and confusing, even for the most experienced professional. Our lawyers will draw on their skills and experience in regulatory compliance and white-collar crime to assist you with:

  • DCI raids
  • Compelled interviews and document disclosure
  • Searches of your premises and seizure of documents
  • Protecting your privilege
  • Proceedings before the Capital Markets Tribunal
  • Fines
  • Bans from working in the financial services industry
  • Variation and withdrawal of permissions

We can offer advice that is both tactical and realistic, and we will work tirelessly on your behalf in pursuit of the best possible outcome from any investigation by the CMA.

Bribery & Corruption Compliance Investigations

Here at Clay & Associates Advocates, we are specialists in defending those facing charges of bribery and corruption. With our industry expertise in anti-bribery and corruption compliance, we can also help commercial organizations who are at risk of bribery tackle this problem head-on.

We can help you to understand the risks that bribery and corruption might present to your business and the benefits that can flow from working directly to eliminate them. We can advise you on your risk assessments for anti-bribery and corruption based on the nature of your particular organization and business deals, as well as the implementation of suitable policies and procedures throughout your organization to avoid criminal liability.

In addition to providing advice and guidance on anti-bribery and corruption procedures, we can also provide representation for organizations or executives facing an investigation into allegations of corrupt practices, or even those wanting to report an incident to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC). The EACC is the agency responsible for investigating bribery.

Debt Recovery

Sometimes writing a letter before action can focus the debtors mind leading to prompt payment, but if money isn’t forthcoming our team is experienced in extracting payment.

Our debt recovery team understands the importance of balancing the impact of bad debts against the cost of recovery which is why our service is tailored to each individual client.

Clay & Associates Advocates’ dedicated team of lawyers has particular specialism in:

  • Pre-action collection
  • Administrative Tribunal proceedings
  • Chief Magistrate’s Court proceedings
  • High Court enforcement
  • Appellate claims
  • Winding-up
Money Laundering & POCAMLA Investigations

The consequences of breaching money laundering regulations are severe, which is why we offer a tenacious approach and robust legal representation to ensure you and your company’s reputation remains intact during an investigation. Individuals and businesses must stay ahead of compliance by taking specialist legal advice from a professional Money Laundering Lawyer.

It is not just criminals who can fall under investigation for money laundering. Businesses also need to aware of the risks and implications they could face if they do not fully comply with the law.

Over the years, the obligation to ensure that businesses are complying with regulations, as well as satisfying the necessary controls, have increased. The money laundering regulations impose further duties on regulated companies to ensure they carry out the relevant checks and due diligence on their customers, keep records on the identity of customers for five years, and make sure they have suitable policies and procedures in place to detect any unusual activity.

At Clay & Associates Advocates, we can assist clients in high-profile and serious criminal cases to obtain justice, including cases of money laundering and POCAMLA investigations. We have an in-depth understanding of the law and can build a robust defense using our unique, strategic approach to serious crime, as well as using our expert advocacy skills to represent you in court.

Our professional lawyers understand the stress caused in these situations because of the serious impact it can have on all aspects of your life. We can support you through the entire process.

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