Pro Bono

Pro Bono

We serve our communities by representing clients annually. We help our clients overcome obstacles that appear insurmountable without legal assistance. Through our pro bono work, we empower individuals to seek justice and opportunity, provide nonprofit organizations the tools they need to effect change, and support the economic development of underserved communities.

We collaborate with local and national legal services organizations and with corporate clients in our pro bono efforts.

All of our lawyers are encouraged to participate in our pro bono practice and pro bono work is given the same weight and credit as other matters.

If you would like to find out more about what Pro Bono legal services can be offered by our law firm to you or your business, please contact us on +254 20 2100 999 or email us at for a free initial chat about any legal issue.

Pro Bono

Pro Bono Scheme

The provision of advice and support to those who need it the most, yet who are often least able to afford it, is at the very heart of Clay & Associates Advocates’ pro bono philosophy. We believe that we can use our legal expertise to ‘give something back’ to our local communities. We have a team of pro bono champions from around the firm who each manage pro bono activity in their region.

Free Advisory Clinics

As part of our commitment to provide access to justice for all, Clay & Associates Advocates is determined to ensure that access to legal advice is truly available to all, specifically ethnic communities.

Links With Students

We are committed in providing pro bono support and we believe that it is important to instil this ethic in the legal professionals of the future.

Responsible Business

At Clay & Associates Advocates, we are committed to being a responsible business both in the way that it is managed internally and in how we deliver client service; delivering positive impact for our firm members, clients, profession, environment and our local community.

This is underpinned by the firm’s culture and values of teamwork and respect, integrity and fairness, understanding and commitment which is held core to everything that we do.

Count On Us

We all share the same common goals – to deliver legal advice of the highest quality that is clear and easy-to-understand for our clients and meets their specific needs at competitive rates (including fixed fees wherever possible to deliver value for money and budget certainty).

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The Services We Offer

Practice Areas

Our extensive pro bono expertise enables us to handle a wide variety of pro bono matters including – but not limited to – the following substantive areas:

  • Appeals
  • Refugee Law
  • Bankruptcy
  • Capital punishment
  • Children’s rights
  • Civil rights
  • Constitutional law
  • Contract law
  • Corporate governance
  • Criminal law
  • Disability rights
  • Domestic violence
  • Education
  • Elder abuse
  • Employment law
  • Entity formation
  • Environmental law
  • Guardianship
  • Housing
  • Human rights
  • Intellectual property
  • Mental health advocacy
  • Micro-enterprise advising
  • Micro-finance
  • Nonprofit advising
  • Prisoners’ rights
  • Public benefits
  • Real estate
  • Women’s rights
Our Selection Criteria

Broadly speaking, we look at:

  • Whether you can afford to pay – many of our clients are charities and social enterprises doing important work. We focus on helping those who simply can’t pay.
  • Whether there’s another way to pay – in some cases, a conditional fee or “no win-no fee” might be an option.
  • Whether we’re the right firm for the job – we often are, but sometimes we might not have the enough time or the right specialists to do it justice.
  • Whether it’s in the public interest – if the outcome will affect a lot of people or set a new precedent, that carries its own weight.
  • Whether it will kickstart a good cause – if doing some pro bono work will help launch an exciting or worthwhile project towards self-sufficiency, we’ll consider that too.
  • Whether it’s personal to one of us – if one of our people feels a personal connection to a cause, we’re more likely to support it.
  • Whether someone’s referred you – we’re more likely to take on cases that are referred to us by other Advocates for by the Judiciary. We also offer a free meeting for advice on property law to clients who are referred to us by the Judiciary.

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