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At Clay & Associates Advocates, we are copyrights lawyers who help those in the creative industries and beyond protect their work from copying, whether wholly or substantially.

We help those in the creative industries and beyond protect and monetize their original work. This includes protection in relation to software code, music, literature, film, graphics, art, and design.

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Copyrights confer the right of the owner to prevent others from copying their work. It does not stifle the independent creation of works.

Copyrights arise automatically upon the creation of particular works and do not need to be registered explicitly in Kenya, however, we would still recommend registration with the Kenya Copyright Board.

Commonly, we help clients with:

  • Copyright registration
  • Copyright protection
  • Copyright assessment

So whatever your problem or situation, our highly-trained and experienced team has seen it all before. To get started, please contact us to discuss your requirements and arrange a legal assessment.

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Before any fees, we’ll first schedule a consultation to listen and learn more about your situation.

The session is an hour long, and there are no obligations to engage our services afterward.

As part of the consultation, we’ll lean on our years of experience as copyrights lawyers to suggest the best solution for you or your business.

Our friendly copyrights Advocates and Practitioners are on hand to carry out a complimentary legal assessment of your business and advise how best to protect your valuable copyrights, so get in touch today to discover how we can help you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a copyright?

Copyright (haki miliki in Kiswahili) refers to an exclusive bundle of rights granted by
law to authors of literary works; producers of audiovisual works and films; architects; performers; broadcasters and other creators of literary, musical, artistic, audio-visual, and sound recordings and broadcasts.

What does copyright protect?

Copyrights protect the expression of an idea from being copied without authority. It does
not protect the concept or the idea. It also does not protect logos, symbols, titles, short
phrases, or factual information that may be contained in a copyrighted work.

How long does copyright last?

In Kenya, Copyright protection lasts for the life of the author plus 50 years. If the author is unknown, the period of protection is 50 years from the date it is published.

In the case of joint authorship, the copyright will last for the lifetime of the authors and 50 years after the death of the last author.

Audio-visual works, photographs, sound recordings, and broadcasts are protected for 50 years from the date of first publication.

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