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To make the process even quicker, you can send us a copy of your documents along with any instructions from the relevant authority ahead of time. This allows us to do the bulk of the preparation for you before our meeting.

If your situation is more complicated, we’ll discuss with you what extra work needs doing and how long it’ll take. We have a wealth of experience in handling complex documentation internationally, and work in multiple languages to ensure the right fit for you.

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Before any fees, we’ll first schedule a consultation to listen and learn more about your situation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a Notary Public?

In Kenya, a Notary Public is a legal professional appointed by the Chief Justice under the Notaries Public Act. A Notary Public is authorized to perform various notarial acts, including the certification and authentication of documents, administering oaths and affirmations, witnessing signatures, and executing certain legal instruments.

The primary role of a Notary Public in Kenya is to provide an impartial and official certification of the authenticity and validity of documents for use domestically and internationally. Notary services are often required for documents such as affidavits, powers of attorney, deeds, contracts, and other legal instruments.

Notary Publics in Kenya are typically qualified lawyers who have undergone additional training and have been granted the authority to act as Notaries Public. They are entrusted with ensuring the legality, integrity, and reliability of the documents they handle.

When seeking the services of a Notary Public in Kenya, it is important to verify their credentials and ensure that they are duly authorized and registered with the Chief Justice’s office.

What documents would require a Notary Public?

The documents that require the stamp, seal and signature of a Notary Public in Kenya may include the following:

  • Transactions for foreign contracts
  • Oaths, affidavits, and statutory declarations
  • The formation of foreign subsidiary companies
  • The purchase of land and property abroad
  • Powers of attorney for use overseas
  • Immigration or emigration
  • Applications to marry or work abroad
  • Travel consent forms
  • Foreign wills and estate administration
  • Certifying certificates of educational qualifications
  • Certificate of Freedom to marry abroad
  • Certification of identification documents
  • Certification of company constitutional documents (eg. articles of association, resolutions, power of attorney)
  • Protesting bills of exchange
  • Shipping documents
  • Certification of points of law.
Why do people need to use the services of a Notary Public in Kenya?

People in Kenya may need to use the services of a Notary Public for several reasons:

  1. Document authentication: A Notary Public can verify the authenticity and legality of documents. This is particularly important for legal and official documents that may require validation for use within Kenya or internationally.
  2. Document certification: Notary Publics can certify copies of original documents, making them legally recognized as true copies. This can be useful for various purposes, such as submitting certified copies of identification documents or academic certificates.
  3. Affidavits and statutory declarations: Notary Publics can administer oaths and affirmations, allowing individuals to make legally binding statements in the form of affidavits or statutory declarations. These documents are commonly required for legal proceedings, immigration purposes, or business transactions.
  4. Witnessing signatures: Notary Publics can act as impartial witnesses to the signing of documents. This provides an additional level of assurance regarding the identity of the signatory and the authenticity of the document.
  5. Power of attorney: When granting someone the authority to act on their behalf through a power of attorney, individuals may need the document notarized to ensure its validity and acceptance by third parties.
  6. International transactions: For documents intended for use in foreign countries, such as contracts, property transactions, or business agreements, notarization may be required to comply with the legal requirements of the receiving jurisdiction.

Using the services of a Notary Public in Kenya helps establish the authenticity, reliability, and legal validity of documents, giving them greater acceptance and recognition in legal, administrative, and commercial contexts. It provides assurance to parties involved and helps prevent fraud or misrepresentation in important transactions and legal matters.

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